December 4, 2011

Our Christmas Letter:

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                                              December 1, 2011

Happy Holidays!  We feel so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives.

We have had an extremely blessed year.  Our biggest news is our daughter Caroline.  She is a true miracle for our family.

At the end of January we learned that a birth mom had finally chosen us out of the many fantastic families listed with LDS Services. For 6 weeks we prayed that all would go well as we got to know our birth mom, went to many doctor visits and prepared ourselves for a new baby.

On March 8, Caroline came 4 weeks early of her suspected due date.  We were so blessed to be there at her
birth.  Ben even cut the umbilical cord.  She was such a tiny little peanut (4lbs. 6 oz.) that she got sent to the NICU for three days.  This was a blessing in disguise because the law in Arizona mandates that the birth parents wait three days before signing the adoption paper work.  When those torturous days were over, we all signed and we got to take our sweet baby girl home.

Poor Adam couldn’t be in the NICU so thank you to all of the family and friends who helped care for him (and us).

Since then we have fallen in love.  Caroline fills such an important role in our family.  Adam is so grateful to finally have a sibling and is the most helpful big brother.

Our other big news is that we moved.  We bought a fixer upper at a great price and we are more than happy to put in a little sweat equity.  We stayed in our same ward and only moved a few streets away.  It was in the middle of an Arizona summer so that wasn’t easy with a newborn… but so worth it!

We are inserting our new pass-a-long card.  Since the adoption of Caroline took three long years to occur, we want to get started right away on our next little miracle.  Please send any leads our way.  We want to thank all of you for thinking of us.

We hope all is merry and bright with you this season.  We also hope to hear from you!


Ben, Emily, Adam and Caroline Lee

 March 2011

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October 25, 2009

We have created a pass-a-long card to share with family and friends.    This card gives a way to contact us or our caseworker if there is a need.  We hope it will end up in the right hands.  We will be sending it in our Christmas card this year.Pass Along Card Back 09 copy2


Here is our Christmas letter: